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Not many people have a large amount of cash on hand when they need it. Luckily, there are a lot of options for cash loans in South Africa. When you need cash fast, as is often the case when you need to organise a funeral, an extra cash loan can be extremely useful to cover those expenses you did not think of before.

People often underestimate the cost of something like a funeral or a wedding and as costs start increasing it becomes apparent that a cash loan is necessary. Cash loans have many advantages, most notably, the speed of processing. If you apply for a cash loan today, you can have cash in hand tomorrow, as opposed to banks that can take a few days to approve your application.

It is also easy to apply for cash loans online and your loan can be approved within minutes of application. Usually all you need is a proof of income and proof of address. Remember, always read the fine print before you take out a cash loan. Make sure you know what the interest rate and repayment terms is. Cash loans always need to be paid back and you should be responsible if you apply for a cash loan.

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