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Depending on your needs, your funeral cover will pay out a specified amount as soon as 48 hours after the death of the insured to cover the costs of his/her funeral. These costs, including flowers, catering, caskets, tombstones and transport, can add up to well over R50,000, which makes funeral insurance a good policy to have.

Funeral cover, though, isn’t just a lump sum to cover the costs of the insured’s funeral. Most funeral cover companies provide added benefits such accident cover, extended families and continuation options so your spouse and other family members can be added onto the policy.

Funeral cover with accident benefit

Most funeral insurance policies cover the insured for death by natural causes or dread disease, as well as accidental death. Some funeral insurance providers don’t only pay out for all three, but, given that accidental death is always premature and unexpected, they pay out double the amount.

Most funeral insurance policies come with a waiting period. That is, after taking out the insurance for a funeral, you’ll have to wait approximately six months before the cover comes into effect to prevent insurance fraud. Death by accident, however, is not subject to the same waiting period.

Funeral cover with extended family

Most funeral insurance companies add family members to a principal member’s insurance policy. These family members can include a spouse, children, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, in-laws and others (usually up to a certain amount). This means that should any of these members of the family die, the policy will pay out the same amount for that individual’s funeral. However, make sure if your family members are added to your policy, don’t assume.

Funeral cover with continuation option

If you add your partner or spouse onto the policy, with you as a principal member, the spouse will be given the option to continue the policy as principal member should anything happen to you. This prevents them having to take out a new policy and be subjected to another waiting period.

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