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Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Cover

From as little as R99 a month you can now get funeral cover from Kaizer Chiefs Funeral Insurance.

Funerals are extremely expensive; therefore it is a wise move to take out sufficient cover. Remove the worry of finances for those in mourning.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of this world-class funeral service provider, which include:

  •         Being paid out a lump sum ranging from R10,000 to R75,000.
  •         Vehicle access benefits – this means you will have the use of a vehicle for up to six days to use as you require, plus the first tank of petrol is free.
  •         Pay-out of up to R75,000 if your partner dies or R20,000 if one of your children passes on.
  •         For those individuals that die through accidental circumstances, the payout will be double on your funeral cover.
  •         Furthermore, you can get cover for your parents and your parents-in-law of up to R10,000 for an additional small premium – this is for parents under 75 years of age.
  •         Your family will benefit for 12 months after your passing by receiving an amount of R1,200 monthly.
  •         A memorial benefit of up to R10,000 for one year after your death to assist with an unveiling ceremony will be paid to your beneficiaries.