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Funeral Insurance Benefits

The benefits of having funeral insurance far outweigh the disadvantages.

The only worse thing than having to deal with death in the family, is not having enough money to pay for his/her funeral. Funeral cover helps you to avoid turning a difficult time in your life, to an unbearable one. With the right funeral cover, you go from avoiding the subject of the effects of a death in the family to being prepared for it and having the kind of peace of mind for what lies ahead.

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But what are some of the funeral insurance benefits you can expect from your funeral policy?

  • Lump sum pay-out within 48 hours of the beneficiary’s death
  • Funeral pay-out for death by natural causes, dread disease or accidental death
  • No waiting periods for death by accident
  • Funeral cover for extended family – when taking out your funeral insurance policy, you can indicate who you would like to include in the policy
  • You can add a grocery benefit to your funeral cover, where you will receive a monthly benefit for a year to purchase groceries. This might not sound like much, but when the breadwinner passes on this could come in really handy.
  • Some funeral insurance policies will pay for a specified coffin, a free coffin nameplate as well as a free artificial floral wreath for the coffin.

These are only some of the funeral insurance benefits offered by funeral insurance companies. Remember, each company and each policy differs, make sure you get the funeral policy that suits your needs by getting comparative funeral cover quotes now.

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