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What does funeral insurance cover?

Each funeral insurance company and each funeral policy offer different benefits, so you need to make sure you take the policy that suits your needs and your budget.

There is a wide variety of policies available for funeral cover in South Africa, which often makes choosing one difficult. A good funeral insurance policy will include cover for accidental death (as opposed to natural causes only), spouses and other family members, additional benefits such as trauma assistance and immediate hospital admission. Before buying a funeral policy, calculate how much you think your family will need. Costs to consider are catering, immediate living expenses, flowers, and burial services (if any).

Many funeral insurance policies in South Africa include waiting periods. These are usually six-month periods after the policy has been agreed to before the insured can claim on it (except for accidental death). To get a range of comparative funeral cover quotes from South African insurance companies, fill in our online form.

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