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Stangen Funeral Insurance

It takes smart planning to leave a legacy behind for the ones you love. Stangen Funeral Insurance offers a range of funeral cover options so you can insure your entire family with a range of tailored plans to suit your budget and needs

Stangen Products

  • Stangen Crime Injury Cover
  • Stangen Funeral Cover
  • Stangen Accidental Death Cover

Crime Injury Cover

  • Stangen Crime Injury cover offers protection against crime that impacts you and your family
  • You and your family members will be protected against disability and even death as a direct result of any violent crime
  • Stangen Crime Injury cover includes a disability benefit
  • Includes a death benefit
  • There are no waiting periods for disability for Crime Injury Cover
  • There are also no waiting periods for death from crime
  • The Stangen Death Benefit will cover murder and culpable homicide
  • The Stangen Disability Benefit will cover:
    • Assault
    • Grievous bodily harm
    • Sexual crimes
    • Attempted murder

Stangen Funeral Cover

  • Get Stangen Funeral cover for as little as R75 a month
  • No medical examinations or blood tests are required
  • Stangen Funeral cover is for the whole family, including your partner, your children, and extended family members
  • If you wish, this cover can include grown-up children and in-laws
  • Dependents can get free funeral cover for six months after the main policyholder dies
  • No waiting periods for accidental death
  • Expect a four-month waiting period after the first premium is received for natural death and a 12-month waiting period for extended family members
  • Claims are paid within 24 hours once the paperwork is approved; Stangen pays out double cover if they are not able to honour this commitment

Stangen Accident Cover

  • The main member and family members will be covered in the event of death or disability as a direct result of an accident
  • Main member or beneficiaries will be paid out in cash
  • Choose from a range of products and benefit options
  • Get cover for your entire family. Up to eight children and up to eight extended family members can join
  • There are no medicals
  • No waiting periods for accidental death cover after the first premium has been received
  • No waiting periods for disability as a direct result of an accident after the first premium has been received
  • Remaining family members will receive free cover for six months after the death of the main member

Learn more about Stangen Funeral Insurance products by downloading the free brochure, and tailor your funeral plan by making use of the user-friendly Stangen Funeral Plan calculator to find the one that best suits you and your loved ones’ needs.

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