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Simply Funeral

Simply Funeral provides excellent funeral cover for your family, your domestic staff members, and your employees. No blood tests are required; all you need to get the cover you want is to answer a few easy health questions.

Funeral cover


  • Family Cover
  • Domestic Cover
  • Group Cover

Simply Family Cover

  • Get funeral cover for you and your family for R55 a month
  • Funeral cover up to R50,000 for you and your family
  • There are no unpleasant blood tests
  • No medicals
  • Instant cover

Benefits of Simply Family Cover

  • Life cover up to R2 million
  • Disability cover up to R2 million

Simply Domestic Cover

The people who work in our homes play an invaluable role in our everyday lives and are often the sole breadwinners of their families. Should tragedy strike, they could be left destitute. Simply Domestic Cover offers protection.

  • Body repatriation (domestic staff often work far away from their homes)
  • Grocery benefits
  • No blood tests
  • No medicals
  • Immediate cover
  • Family funeral cover up to R50,000
  • This cover is also available to foreigners working in South Africa legally.

Features of Simply Domestic Cover

  • Life Cover up to R200,000
  • Disability Cover up to R400,000

Simply Group Cover

  • Guaranteed cover for five or more staff members
  • Funeral cover for up to R50,000
  • Includes legal foreigners
  • There is no minimum policy size
  • Cover is instantaneous
  • No blood tests
  • No medical tests

Features of Simply Group Cover

  • Life Cover up to R2 million
  • Disability up to R2 million

Simply Life

The amount of cover paid out in a lump sum depends on the monthly premium you choose.

  • Up to R2 million cover for family
  • R200,000 cover for domestic employees
  • R2 million for Group Cover
  • An extra R500 cash will be paid out for 6 months in the grocery benefit
  • If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and are expected to die within 12 months you can have the full amount paid out in advance to your or your beneficiaries without your policy being terminated (even if you recover from your illness)

Simply Funeral Insurance Cover is for everyone; the perfect plan to cover your family, your domestic staff members, and your employees.

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