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Edgars Funeral Insurance

Hollard, one of the most trusted names in insurance, has partnered with the retail giant Edgars, who market and sell insurance products through their outlets. There are excellent Edgars Funeral Insurance plans available to cover you and your loved ones.


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  • Edgars Personal Funeral Plan
  • Edgars Family Funeral Plan
  • Edgars Parent Funeral Cover

Edgars Personal Funeral Plan

  • Premiums are R46.50 a month
  • The Edgars Personal Funeral Plan pays out up to R20,000
  • For an extra R25.50 a month you can get an optional extra R10,000 pay-out
  • If you have an existing R10,000 cover, you can increase your cover for a further R20,000 for R21.00 a month (this will not affect your original waiting period)
  • Waiting periods are six months for death from natural causes
  • There are no waiting periods for accidental death
  • There is a R5,000 memorial benefit one year after the death of the insured

Edgars Family Funeral Plan

  • R10,000 cover for the insured
  • R10,000 cover for up to 9 dependents
  • Up to R50,000 cover for you from as little as R47.00 a month
  • The combined cover for you and your family is up to R100,000
  • There are no unpleasant medical examinations
  • Payments are within 48 hours (provided all the necessary paperwork has been completed)
  • A memorial benefit provides a R5,000 payment for the death of the main member or a partner passing away one year after
  • There is an additional grocery benefit of R2,500 paid out

The Four Options Include

  • R47.00 monthly fee for a maximum cover of R1, 000
  • R86.50 monthly fee for a maximum cover of R20,000
  • An extra monthly fee of R139.50 will get you and your loved ones a maximum cover of R35,000
  • A monthly fee of R200 will get you a maximum of R50,000 cover

Edgars Parent Funeral Cover

  • Apply in store for the Edgars Parent Funeral Cover
  • Premiums will be charged to your Edgars account each month
  • Four parents or the parents of a partner can be covered, regardless of whether you have a funeral policy or not
  • Parents are biological mother or father of the policyholder or the parents of a partner
  • Parents are an adoptive father and mother or that of the policyholder’s partner
  • A parent can be a former legal guardian of the policyholder or of the policyholder’s partner
  • A partner can be a step-parent of the policyholder or of the policyholder’s partner
  • First parent benefit option if you don’t have an existing funeral policy is a monthly fee of R45.50 for R5,000 cover
  • If you have an existing Edgars Funeral Plan, the first parent benefit will cost R38 for R5,000 cover
  • For an additional parent, a monthly fee of R38 will pay out R5,000
  • Acceptance is guaranteed before a parent’s 75th birthday at the time of enrolment

Edgars Funeral Plans are underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited with Edgars marketing policies as a joint venture with Hollard and does so in terms of Hollard’s role as a Financial Service Provider.

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