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Avbob Funeral Plans

Avbob Funeral Plan cover has been around forever in South Africa. It is a household name which is synonymous with giving your loved ones a dignified send off for the past couple of decades.

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Avbob Funeral Plans

There are many benefits that Avbob funeral insurance brokers offer – after all they have been around since 1921, growing in strength over the years, servicing in excess of a million policy holders throughout SA. It is particularly interesting to note that Avbob is one of the major players in the insurance world in this country, acoffering the ordinary man in the street affordable cover that will ensure that their loved ones get the kind of funeral they deserve.

An efficient, competent service will ensure that your needs and those of your loved ones are taken care of, paying attention to the finest detail, freeing you up to grieve and tend to other matters that are pertinent at the time of the passing of a loved one.

Over and above the funeral cover, other benefits are also available to Avbob funeral policy holders – benefitting from the profits of the provider is one of these, which is known as a mutual society.

Over R1.3 billion has been returned in bonuses in the past three years by Avbob Funeral Plans. It is therefore not surprising that Avbob was voted as being one of the top three long-term insurance companies in the country.

A great benefit that goes in hand-in-hand with Avbob funeral policies is that the world is your oyster when it comes to a pay-out when someone die. You can either choose to accept the pay-out and arrange all the details yourself or you could allow Avbob to step in and take control of all the arrangements on your behalf.

Avbob Funeral plans have been designed to give you that peace of mind at excellent rates.

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