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Funeral costs add up. It’s all the little details that add up such as people popping in to pay their respects and expecting a cup of tea or cake while commiserating with the bereaved.

There are other issues such as paying for someone to sing a song or printing beautiful brochures with the dearly departed depicted at their very best.

Hair and nails need to be done plus there are phone calls to be made both locally and internationally, and new clothes, suits, hats dresses, shoes – these add up, and before you know it., everything has tallied up into the thousands.

Transportation is another expensive matter to ensure everyone gets to the church on time – in some instances buses and taxis might be necessary.

For many individuals funerals usually catch them by surprise, and often times there is not enough money lying around in the kitty to cover emergencies or extra expenses.

Some cultures are expected to pull out all the stops which could prove to be a hugely costly affair. Should the body need to be transported to another town these will add up to even more.

Taking out funeral insurance cover to cover funeral costs for you and your loved ones therefore makes sense.

Some funeral schemes allow you to add as many as over a dozen family members at a nominal monthly cost. It should therefore be a no-brainer to ensure you and your loved ones are taken care of and given a dignified send-off when the time comes to bid farewell to those you love.

Grieving is intense without the added stress of having to find the funding for a decent burial, and for a small amount every month, it simply makes good sense to have this very affordable and necessary insurance option.


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