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Graves and Burial Sites of The Rich and Famous

Although many celebrities prefer to be buried out of the limelight, there are certain famous names that boast having famous burial plots that will always have a place in the hearts of those that revered them in life.

Where famous people are buried:

After much controversy the body of Michael Jackson found a place of rest at Forest Lawn Glendale, Los Angeles.

The impressive Great Mausoleum is a regal construction in the cemetery where other greats such as Jean Harlow and Clark Gable are also laid to rest.

Other big names to be buried at Forest Lawn Glendale are Walt Disney and Larry Fine as well as one of the fabled Three Stooges.

Frank Sinatra is laid to rest in a humble grave in Palm Springs, California and was buried with his fabled packet of cigarettes and bottle of Jack Daniels!

Princess Diana is buried at Althorp, New Hampshire. This peaceful resting place consists of a lovely island on a little lake which is inhabited by four handsome swans. There is a path leading to her tomb lined with thirty-six birch trees, each one depicting one of the years that she spent on earth during her very short life. It is a private spot where few are permitted to visit.

Many famous people enjoy elaborate burial sites, although many prefer to remain incognito in the afterlife.


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