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Beauty & The Burial

The funeral finds its apotheosis in South Africa, where celebrations of life often become extravagant multi-day social events complete with rituals and ceremonies – depending on your culture.


It should therefore be rather unsurprising that copious amounts of food and splendid attire should be part and parcel of the celebration of the life of the departed in many instances where traditional will be the order of the day.

Funerals often enjoy a rich variety of traditional and contemporary funeral cultures throughout South Africa and are influenced by different ethnic groups and changing fashion trends. On weekends, funeral attire can often dominate public spaces.

What to wear to a funeral? This entirely depends on who you are and what your culture dictates.

Christians traditionally wear black and sombre clothing to a funeral, whereas Muslims wear white to a funeral – but in both instances, not necessarily so.

Each culture has its own way of burying their dead and what one wears to such an occasion will obviously be dictated by the decorum of such a gathering.

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