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There’s A Creepy New Trend of Selfies at Funerals

As creepy as it is, a new trend at funerals is taking place where technology has found a way of sneaking in; we refer to none other than funeral selfies!

Trending on Instagram and Tumblr, these gruesome pics of the dead are fast becoming popular and believe it or not, more and more people are taking funeral selfies.

This is quite inappropriate but selfie-lovers are obviously oblivious to the tastelessness of their actions.

Selfie-aficionados are quite unaffected and in many instances the selfies include the deceased – would one believe!

The vanity of the iPhone generation has shown an unpleasant and disrespectful side to these individuals that are simply unaware that their value systems are extremely tasteless and very shallow.

Technology has many upsides, but the downside is definitely the lack of privacy and intrusive, particularly when the deceased should be respected and afforded a little decorum.

Most families don’t want to have pictures of their departed loved ones being posted all over social media – afford them the privacy to mourn as they wish and remember that taking funeral selfies is not only extremely tasteless but is an invasion of the privacy of family members that prefer to grieve in the manner that they so wish.


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