Accidents Can Happen Anytime – Particularly In the Workplace

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The right Death and Disability Cover for employees and workers in the workplace is all-important. It cannot be stressed sufficiently that there should be enough liability cover for eventualities of every description, ranging from injuries to death.

Workers that operate heavy machinery also need the correct cover as accidents can happen in the blink of an eye!

Teachers and university lecturers are particularly vulnerable – especially in a world where respect is fast diminishing and where violence has become commonplace.

An educator could be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Fees Must Fall Campaign that took place recently is perhaps a perfect example where safety of employees has come under really close scrutiny and where lecturers were left vulnerable and were injured during these protests that often spiralled out of control.

This is a sad state of affairs and families that depend heavily on the salaries of these individuals need to know that their financial needs are taken care of, whether the individual is unable to continue working or had died.

In far too many instances there is not enough life insurance for individuals as insurance of this nature could prove to be inadequate, especially with group cover; and in many cases there is no life cover at all.

This is where the onus of pay-outs will fall on the shoulders of the employers. Death and Disability Cover in the workplace has to be enough to cover the costs of medical expenses when injuries take place, and for those that die on the job there simply has to be enough compensation for this very sad but often very real case scenario.

Death and Disability Cover provides employees with a safety net to elude pressure over what will happen if they are disabled and will continue to receive and income until they can work again, ensuring that their families will be taken care

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