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Sanlam Funeral Cover

There Are Many Advantages To Taking Out Sanlam Funeral Cover

Sanlam Funeral Cover is really easy to apply for – you can do so effortlessly online and in  six very simple steps  buy this cover for as little as R25 a month.

The best part of all is that you don’t have to undergo any unpleasant blood tests and there are no onerous medicals or call-backs required; even better still, there is absolutely no unnecessary paperwork involved during the application process.

This convenient, cost-effective and fuss-free cover is neither expensive nor complicated. Furthermore, your nearest and dearest can now have perfect peace of mind as you will enjoy up to R40 000 cover if you take out the comprehensive Family Funeral Plan.

You will be able to add your partner or spouse, children, parents and extended family members onto your Sanlam Family Funeral Plan, which means that you will now be in a position to offer your entire family the support they deserve when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one.

When claiming, expect to be paid out within 48 hours provided all the paperwork is in order which can be used to cover the costs of the funeral or for any extra expenses.